Gorillas and Game Parks – Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda

A camping or lodge-based wildlife trip, in 3 East African countries, visiting 5 National Parks with their elephants, hippos, rhino, giraffe, zebra and many more mammals plus hundreds of bird species. A walk in Volcanoes National Park in search of mountain gorillas is a real highlight of this itinerary. Take a boat trip on Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley and visit a further 5 lake areas. There is also the opportunity to have an adventurous white water rafting trip on the White Nile.


Day 1
Upon arrival at the international airport in Nairobi, you will be met by your English speaking guide who will travel with you for the duration on your trip.  Check in to your hotel and relax for the remainder of the day.

Day 2
Leaving Nairobi early, drive to Nakuru National Park for an afternoon game drive to look for white rhino and other mammals.  Nakuru used to be home to thousands of pink flamingos but due to high rainfall in the last 3 years, which has increased the depth of the water, they are now few and far between. However, there are about 400 other species of birds visiting the lake.  Your overnight accommodation will be in the centre of the park either camping or in a lodge.

Day 3 
Watch the sunrise during an early morning in Nakuru before driving to a working farm on the outskirts of the town.  Relax in the afternoon or walk around the farm

Day 4
Leaving Nakuru behind, take a scenic but rather bumpy road to Lake Baringo.  A birdwatchers dream destination with over 470 recorded species.  Stay overlooking the lake with hippos as your closest neighbours

Day 5
This morning, take a small boat trip on the lake and hopefully see African fish eagles swooping on the lake to catch fish in their talons.  Stop at the local village of Njemp situated on an island, chat with the fishermen and visit a small school.  In the afternoon, once the temperature has dropped, go on a guided nature walk and learn about the native flora and fauna

Day 6
Head to El Doret, a highland city which is very popular for training athletes due to the altitude – many famous Kenyan marathon runners come from this area. Stay on the outskirts of the town

Day 7
Leaving early today, we head west to cross the border in to Uganda.  After the formalities of the border crossing you arrive in Jinja where you sleep on the banks of the White Nile

Day 8
Drive to Nakitoma National Park for a 2-night stay at the Nakitoma Rhino Sanctuary.  Arrive in the afternoon in time to relax before dinner

Day 9
An early morning bird watching canoe trip in “Mokoros” – small dugout wooden canoes in search of the Shoebill and many other species too.  A large, prehistoric looking bird, there are only an estimated 5000 left in the world.  In the afternoon you can get up close to the rhino while taking a guided nature walk

Day 10
A driving day today, through interesting landscapes, to the town of Kibale where you spend the next 2 nights, with spectacular views of tea plantations

Day 11
Head in to the forest in search of chimpanzees.  Spend some time with these beautiful primates as they go about their daily lives.  In the afternoon, go on a tea plantation tour to see how the leaves are picked, dried and processed ready for you to drink.  You will never take tea for granted again!

Day 12
Today is a nature lovers dream as you head in to the Queen Elizabeth National Park and take a scenic boat trip through the Kazinga Channel.  Hopefully see herds of elephants, hippos and water buffalo by the water’s edge as well as many species of birds from large pelicans to tiny kingfisher

Day 13
A driving day today to get to Kabale which is a small town close to the Uganda / Rwanda border, giving us a head start on the border traffic tomorrow

Day 14
Leave early to cross the border in to Rwanda.  After the border formalities you head to Kigali, the capital city, where you visit the Genocide Museum which was built as a memorial after the 100-day civil war in April – July 1994 between the Tutsi and Hutu population.  Drive a short distance to Ruhengeri where you stay for 3 nights

Day 15
Probably the day you have been looking forward to the most is upon you – as you trek to see the mountain gorillas with a park guide.  Trekking times differ depending on where the gorillas are situated in the dense forest of Volcanoes National Park so be prepared to walk for up to 4 hours, both up and down hills to see them.  Usually you can get to within about 10m of a family including the huge silverback

Please note, that if you have been ill, even a slight cold / cough you will not be allowed to participate in this activity as there is a risk to the gorillas catching an illness.  Porters are also available to hire to carry your bag, as the terrain can at times be quite difficult.  Leather gardening gloves are recommended to wear as you are inclined to grab branches to help steady yourself 

Day 16
Today is a free day to relax, wander around the town or take part in some optional activities.  Visit the local market, the golden monkeys, a day hike up to Mt Bisoke, Diane Foss memorial or a nature walk

Day 17 
You return to Uganda today to stay alongside Lake Bunyonyi, the deepest lake in East Africa.  You can hire a canoe if you are looking for a peaceful way to spend an afternoon or take an optional birdwatching walk

Day 18
Drive to Lake Mburo which is a small park with lots of acacia woodland and is the only park in Uganda where zebra can be seen

Day 19
A driving day today as you return to Jinja to spend 2 nights alongside the White Nile

Day 20
Take the opportunity of a free day to enjoy many optional activities including white water rafting, jet boating, bungee jumping or a gentle boat trip to the “Source of the Nile” for birdwatching 

Day 21
Cross the border back in to Kenya and head for a small tropical rainforest – Kakamega Forest Reserve for a 2-night stay

Day 22
Spend the day exploring Kakamega Forest Reserve with a nature guide.  There is a great opportunity to view over 330 different species of bird, 400 species of butterfly and 4 species of monkey.  You can also visit the “Crying Stone”, a unique rock formation in the shape of the shape of a human face which has water dripping from the eyes

Day 23
Today you leave for Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley with towering cliffs, stunning scenery and gorges.  The lake is one of a series of large freshwater lakes in the valley and is a well- known area for growing flowers for exporting.  In the afternoon, enjoy a relaxing boat trip on the lake

Day 24
Head in to Hells Gate National park, either by bike or jeep, to get up close and personal with the giraffe, zebra and other game animals.  Continue with a hike in the park before returning to your accommodation.  In the afternoon, enjoy a relaxing boat trip on the lake

Day 25
On your final day, head back to Nairobi, visiting the Karen Blixen Museum in the afternoon.  This colonial house, along with its lovely gardens and surrounding farmland, was home to her, the author of “Out of Africa” between 1914 and 1931

Day 26
Tour ends – transfer to airport – return home or onward travel

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