A-Z of Information

A – A.M.S. is acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness. It does not matter how old/young or fit/unfit you are, altitude sickness can effect anyone at any time.  By making gradual ascents, taking time for acclimatisation and drinking plenty of water, you should reduce the risk of A.M.S.

B – BANKS. You can not take rupees in to or out of any of the countries, but money changing facilities and ATMs are available in the airports and in the larger towns and cities.  Make sure you take clean (not written on or torn) notes in either pounds sterling, dollars or euros.  Nepal, India and Sri Lanka all use the rupee which all have different exchange rates. Mastercard and Visa are the most commonly accepted credit cards. Travellers cheques are accepted in India in pounds sterling or US dollars.

C – CLOCKS and watches need to be advanced +5 ½ hours of GMT for India and Sri Lanka and + 5 ¾ hours for Nepal (the curious difference of 15 minutes is to show that Nepal is a separate place to India)!

C – CLOTHING.  You should wear muted colours when visiting National Parks and long-sleeved shirts (or a shawl) and trousers (or a skirt) to visit temples. For trekking trips wear your boots on your flight (just in case your luggage gets lost) and make sure your boots are well worn in. For all winter trips it is wise to take a warm fleece, hat, scarf and gloves. For clothing you could use http://www.countryinnovation.co.uk or http://www.blacks.co.uk/ or http://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/

D – DELHI-BELLY and germs are things to avoid.  We advise you travel with anti-bacterial hand gel and wash your hands regularly and eat in good quality restaurants and eateries. Street food should be avoided unless the tour guide says otherwise. We really don’t want you to be ill on your trip as we want you to have a great time.

E – ELECTRICITY – it is best to check on www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/

F – FLIGHTS are booked by yourselves and although airlines allow up to 23kg, depending on the carrier, we recommend travelling with less.  

G – Have a GREAT trip!

H – HOTELS vary in standard from mountain tea houses with basic accommodation with shared facilities, providing good food and warm social areas to good quality 3* hotels to the more luxury 5* Heritage hotels. It is your choice where you want to stay depending on your budget. http://www.hotelspoonbill.com/

I – INSURANCE is VITALLY IMPORTANT and you must have it before travelling with us. It must include cover for activities like white water rafting and going to altitude for trekking, preferably including helicopter evacuation. A suggested insurance company is http://www.campbellirvinedirect.com/nepinsri-travel_home.htm

J – JOURNEYS can be by train, car, bike, cycle-rickshaw, foot, flight, bus or jeeps all of which are a great experience. Remember if you are on a cycling trip to bring energy bars and a helmet with you and a “gel” saddle for added comfort.

K – Kcal or calories means delicious food!  Traditional food in Nepal is called Dal Bhat which is lentils, rice and curried vegetables which is what the guides and porters always eat.  In India there is a huge variety of food to choose from, and the food varies depending on the region you are travelling in. Sri Lankan food is bursting with flavour as the island is rich in spices and ingredients. Vegetarians are well catered for and there is plenty of choice for everyone. We suggest you are careful about eating meat. We recommend you buy bottled water (don’t forget to use it to clean your teeth), don’t eat salad as it is washed in the local water and don’t eat ice cream. Always be guided by your tour leader.  

L –  LAUNDRY facilities are available in most of the hotels and generally the charges are reasonable. On trekking trips in tea houses it is DIY laundry!

M – MEDICAL requirements. Visit your own doctor to discuss the necessary injections you may require and malaria tablets and please notify them if you are going to altitude. Always travel with your own personal medical kit http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk  www.nomadtravel.co.uk

M – MOVIES. If you have the opportunity to see a Bollywood Movie, take it! They are colourful and hugely entertaining. An experience not to be missed!

N – NATIONAL Parks are fantastic places to visit and are full of wildlife but you will have to be patient to get a sighting especially of a tiger. They are there! Try to be as quiet as possible and wear natural colours that blend in with the environment.

O – OPTIONAL extras on the itineraries are at an additional cost to the cost of the main trip. They can often be booked locally at the time of visiting the country.  

P – PATIENCE is required when travelling on any trip as the countries are developing and things do not always happen at the speed or way you would expect. They are all trying to do their very best, so just go with it! You will enjoy your trip all the more if you relax!

P – PHOTOGRAPHY. You will take hundreds of photos, so make sure you have plenty of memory cards, batteries and charger with you. There is an image almost everywhere you look, but care is needed at holy sites, and be careful when taking photos of people – you should always ask before taking their pictures – although very often they will ask you to do so!  

Q – If you have any QUESTIONS, please do not hesitate to ask Nep-In-Sri Travel Ltd or any of the local guides you travel with. We are here to help and to make your holiday very enjoyable and stress-free, so that you can take home great memories and to share your experiences with your friends and family.

R – ROAD conditions are variable with sometimes tarmac roads and others in poor condition. They drive on the left hand side of the road but over-take from both sides and often drive in the wrong direction especially on dual-carriageways! The roads are always very busy so be especially careful if you are trying to cross one.

S – SAFETY is very important, and by travelling with Nep-In-Sri Travel Ltd you see a country in a safe way as you travel with a local guide and driver. We advise you not to go out alone after dark.

T – TIPPING is at your own discretion but it is customary and we recommend tipping for each trip is 10% of the total cost of the trip, excluding flight cost. For example a trip costing £2000, you need to allow £200 for tipping your tour leader, driver, local guides, porters, hotel staff etc.

U – UNDERSTANDING the locals can sometimes be difficult but our tour leaders all speak excellent English. In Nepal the language is Nepali, Tamil and Sinhala are both used in Sri Lanka, and although there are 18 languages in India, Hindi is the one usually spoken. Most people, however, speak at least some English.

V – VISA regulations change and it is best to use www.travcour.com for visa information.

W – WILDLIFE is in all the National Parks and we hope to see as much as possible. However no sightings are guaranteed and animals are not robots and do not appear on demand. Remember the tigers and other wildlife will see you, even if you don’t see them. If possible we recommend that you bring a pair of binoculars with you.

W – WiFi is not available everywhere and you may have to go for several days without it! Where WiFi is available you may not be able to get it in your hotel room, but you can usually go to the reception area where you will be able to use it. A fee is payable and is a variable cost.

X – EXTREMES of weather – the weather can be extremely cold in India between November to March, especially in the early morning and from October to March in Nepal. We try to avoid travelling in the monsoon season (summer) as it is also very hot. On any trip with altitude, you also need to prepare for colder temperatures and to also pack sun screen.

Y – YAHOO! and internet facilities are available in most of the large cities. Some hotels have wi-fi but connection speed does vary depending on where you are. Don’t expect to always be able to have internet access. Mobile communication is reasonable in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka but check with your own provider before travelling as to availability.

Z – ZZzzz is for sleeping when you get home! We try to see and do as much as we can in any of the itineraries, without making you feel as though you are being rushed, so you can make the most of your holiday and the country you are visiting.